James Hawkins
A Year - Less a Day
An Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 1-55002-480-9
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In this, the fourth Inspector Bliss mystery, the Detective Inspector teams up with with Daphne Lovelace, the irrepressible old age pensioner from "Missing: Presumed Dead," to trace the father of a Canadian woman whose husband is dying of cancer. While the woman, Ruth Jackson, may believe that she was sired by George Harrison of the Beatles, Bliss and Daphne have other ideas.

In Vancouver, the world falls apart for Ruth Jackson when her dying husband suddenly disappears and she is arrested on suspicion of murdering him. The unearthing of a substantial life insurance policy doesn't help her case, neither does the fact that a bloodstained knife is found in her kitchen.

Detective Sergeant Phillips of the Mounties, the man who helped rescue Bliss in "No Cherubs for Melanie," takes up the case, and Trina Button, a zany home care nurse, stirs up trouble for everyone in this intriguing international story.


A Castle Street Mystery
Published By
The Dundurn Group Toronto, Oxford and N.Y.