James Hawkins
Crazy Lady
Crazy Lady A Chief Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 10: 1-55002-581-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-55002-581-1

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How far would you go to regain the love of your life? Would it be totally crazy to write yourself and your lost lover into a romance novel for the whole world to read? Perhaps. But when true love strikes even a high flying police detective can be smacked off course. So - will Chief Inspector David Bliss solve life's greatest mystery, the mystery of love, or will he be just another victim of a Crazy Lady?

The seventh novel featuring Metropolitan Inspector, David Bliss, is an action-packed mystery filled with nail-biting adventures involving religious sects, criminal conspiracies and the world trade in cocoa.

Praise for Crazy Lady - The Globe and Mail.
Saturday 7th. Jan. 2006

Margaret Cannon, Canada's most respected mystery reviewer, writes:

This is the seventh in the excellent series featuring Chief Inspector David Bliss and it's one of the best of the bunch. Hawkins is a deft writer and, as a former police commander in the U.K. and a private investigator, he's good at the details of police work. He also has a penchant for thinking globally, so we have a plot that ranges from a murdered policeman in Vancouver to the international trade in cocoa.The Crazy Lady of the title is Janet Thurgood, a sixtyish woman locally considered batty. When Thurgood is accused of the murder of a policeman, her one friend, Trina Button, calls on Daphne Lovelace for help. What's the real truth about Janet? Is she crazy? Could she kill?

Chief Inspector David Bliss, however, is sunning in the south of France, having discovered his true love. Is it real? Will Bliss enter into a new state of bliss? This novel is great fun, in addition to being a solidly plotted mystery. Hawkins is definitely on the right track here.