James Hawkins
Deadly Sin
An Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 1550026445
Publication Date : January 20th 2007
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Emotions run high when Queen Elizabeth II attempts to heal the schism between Christians and Muslims by attending a London mosque for Friday prayers. David Bliss, newly returned to duty while he tries to find a publisher for his novel, has the task of protecting the royal couple, but is caught off guard when an attack comes from an unexpected quarter. Could the forces of the Devil be at work?

Meanwhile, Bliss's aging friend Daphne Lovelace needs help. Her elderly neighbours have died and apparently left their house to the family from hell. While Bliss desperately tries to protect the queen, Daphne puts on her oldest coat and takes up residence in a seniors' home as she tries to discover what really happened to her neighbours. Age apparently catches up with her, and in no time she appears as senile as the other inhabitants,but Trina Button in far-off Canada smells a rat and forces Bliss to take action. Is someone playing God?

Published by The Dundurn Group, Toronto, N.Y. & Oxford (U.K.)

Praise for Deadly Sin

"This latest episode in the very good Inspector Bliss series is timely and terrific. The setting is London, and Inspector David Bliss has his hands full. The Queen is going to attend Friday prayers at a London mosque, and everyone expects trouble. ........ There is, as always, a certain charm in Hawkins's plots, but that doesn't make them any less acute. This series is getting on, with eight books, but it's still going strong."
Reviewed by Margaret Cannon 5th May 2007
The Globe and Mail

"....... This is the eighth in his excellent series of Chief Inspector Bliss mysteries. If you haven't read one before, I suggest you give it a shot. The writing is excellent, the characterizations superb and the mystery - well,how can you beat a plot against the Queen? .... I found this to be a thoroughly engrossing read - the kind I couldn't put down until about 2 a.m."
Reviewed by David E. Rooney 11th April 2007
Revelstoke TimesReview