James Hawkins
Lovelace & Button
(International Investigators) Inc.
An Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 1550025414

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The sixth Inspector Bliss mystery leaves our detective completely stumped in the wilds of Washington State.

A bizarre series of suicides in England raises the eyebrows of newly promoted Chief Inspector David Bliss, who soon discovers that all of the deceased had sent large sums of money to Canada. Old friends, Canadian homecare nurse Trina Button and Englishwoman Daphne Lovelace, are on a fundraising mission for kidney transplants, when they disappear in cougar country in northern Washington State, and it takes all of Bliss's determination to discover the astonishing secret that links their disappearance with the suicides.

Many favourite characters return in this contemporary novel - including RCMP Officer Mike Phillips and David Bliss's daughter, Samantha.