James Hawkins
No Cherubs for Melanie
An Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 1-55002-392-6
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"Simply Terrific!" The Globe and Mail Book Review Jan 4 2003

Detective Inspector David Bliss of London's Grand Metropolitan police is drawn to the wilderness of the far north in search of a witness to a murder. But, amongst the bears, eagles and wolves of the North American continent, he also seeks redemption.
Is he escaping or running away? "You can't escape from memories" Bliss claims, but can he escape from a cold blooded serial killer?

The full length screenplay of this novel is now available from the author's agent. Great Northern Artists Management Inc. of Toronto.

The script of the stage play, No Cherubs for Melanie, can be obtained directly from the author, James Hawkins.

A Castle Street Mystery
Published By
The Dundurn Group Toronto, Oxford and N.Y.