James Hawkins
Slow Train to China

An Inspirational Travel Guide for Independent Second-Lifers.
For the past five years authors James Hawkins and Sheila Swanson have travelled the length and breadth of the globe, visiting more than thirty countries in four continents, and lived to tell the tales in their latest book. In the first of a series of travel guides for independent minded retirees, the authors take an in-depth look at Russia along the tracks of the fabled Trans-Siberian railway and then head south across the Gobi desert through Mongolia to Beijing and ultimately Hong Kong.
Slow Train to China highlights all of the most important sites from St. Petersburg to Moscow; Yekaterinburg to Irkutsk; Beijing to Shanghai and Xian; and dozens of other fascinating locations.
This book is peppered with amusing anecdotes, historical facts, traditional regional recipes and insightful quotations and, best of all, it is a useful and practical guide to the longest railway journeys in the world.

Published By Gabriola Bliss Publications
ISBN 978-0-9877852-3-7
Paperback edition: 216 pages including index & photo plates.
Price $20 Cdn plus S/H
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"The advent of package tours opened the world for thousands who would otherwise have remained armchair explorers. In Slow Train to China, Hawkins and Swanson encourage and equip us (at no matter what late stage we may begin) to become independent world explorers, with less expense and more adventure. Funny, moving, honest and, above all, convincingly doable."
Pamela Asquith.
Professor of Anthropology