James Hawkins
The Dave Bliss Quintet
An Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 1550024957
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Legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck plays a pivotal role in this, the fifth, Inspector Bliss mystery which is set in Provence on the Mediterranean coast of the south of France.

When Detective Inspector David Bliss goes undercover to unravel the mysterious case of Morgan Johnson, a modern day pirate, he covers his sleuthing by pretending to be an author writing a historical novel centered around the legend of the man in the iron mask. As the mysterious case of Morgan Johnson unravels, so does the 300 year-old mystery of the masked man, and Bliss is amazed to discover that he may have stumbled across the answer to one of the world's greatest conundrums. Three other equally baffling cases become entangled in the web before the notorious Mediterranean winds, and an old "Brubeck" T-shirt, gives Bliss the answers he seeks.

Original Screenplay of this novel is available from Starfire Promotions, Canada - Sandra Baird.

The script of the stage play will be available from Starfire Promotions following the play's premier in October 2004.

U.S. and U.K. rights to this novel are available. Contact the author for more info.

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