James Hawkins
The Fish Kisser
An Inspector Bliss Mystery
ISBN 0-88882-240-5
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Roger Le Clarc - The Fish Kisser - is a wanted man. Caught in a life and death struggle between cyber-terrorists determined to kidnap him for his computer genius, and police equally determined to protect him. Roger is the centre of attention on a Holland-bound cruise ship but, when he winds up man overboard, his pursuers are left high and dry.

Detective David Bliss, together with the stunning Dutch detective, Yolanda Pieters, and the C.I.A., join in a furious pursuit on the high seas that lands them in the middle east. While, back in England, the Fish Kisser's cyber-prey fights for her young life in his techno-shrine.

Published by The Dundurn Group, Toronto, N.Y. & Oxford (U.K.)